Hanging by a thread

girls have you ever had that feeling of being hung on a thread by some guy? don't you just hate that feeling cause I sure do... my ex and I have been broken up for a few weeks but he still talks to me. as of yesterday I was like it is cold... he was like I would warm you up. I wanted to watch a movie and only hang out but he was like no. see the problem.. so I was blunt with him and was like I need to talk with you face to face and clarify things. cause I def. still like him and have feelings for him but I'm thinking he just misses the thought of me not really me... hence the hanging by a thread. I feel like I have been heard cause I said I don't want to be hurt and I just need to talk. he was like I don't want to hurt you and yes we will talk. so I'm hanging by a thread and I just need some advice or what to say or expect or anything. thanks!

please any guys or girls advice or whatever your thoughts are on this... please comment! :)


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  • Get out of that drama.


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