Girlfriend said I miss you to another guy?

She met this guy at work a few months ago, she tells me that he's gay but I don't think he is because he flirts with her and I don't think she knows. But she said I miss you to him over social media and it kind of bothers me is that normal?
Help please


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  • why do you think that he is not really gay?
    What do you qualify as flirting? I mean, "girlfriends" do flirty stuff. My girlfriends and I are very flirty touchy feely with one another.
    I tell my friends I miss them too.

    I think, you should meet him and get those doubts out of the way.

    • He posts pictures of girls twerking, and by flirting he sends her kissing faces emoji. And texts her quite a bit. He brought her food to work when they were only friends for a little. And I have met him, I used to work with him as well, he was very awkward around me. Actually he would try to avoid me and wouldn't talk to me. He would walk into another room nonchalantly and think I didn't notice.

    • aahhhhh well that seems suspicious.
      You should have a talk with your girlfriend then and let her know that he may not be gay.

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  • bruh, get over it. you aren't the only guy or person in her life. she can miss other people. and why would he pretend to be gay (actually, i can think of a few reasons)? anyways, gay dudes are naturally flirty with girls. they can get 50x as much pussy than any straight dude. 1 of my best friends in high school was gay. he'd straight up go to girls and just feel up their boobs. none of them gave a shit. and it's over social media. don't be a pussy. what is she gonna do? virtually fuck him?


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  • yes , it is normal for you to be bothered as you care about her. but you should realize your self worth and if you think that she is cheating on you , then leave her. i know it would be hard for you but that would be the best decision. your girlfriend should never say or text something like that to any other male. GOOD LUCK !!😃😃

    • Thank you for your response! Do you have any suggestions on how to talk to her about this?

    • you're welcome 😃 . well you should be a little straightforward ( but not very rude ) and tell her that you are feeling uncomfortable about she texting ' i miss you ' to another guy. if she is the one , she would surely understand and realize her mistake. I HOPE I HELPED !!

  • 1) Gay guys can flirt/tease with straight women and it mean nothing between the two.

    2) He may be a good friend that she misses. Why wouldn't she say that to him if so?

    I think you're reading too much into it. He's a good friend, they tease each other and neither are interested in the other.

    • They met around 5 months ago, and I really don't think he is gay. He posts pictures and videos of girls twerking.

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    • No. Maybe I'm interpreting the messages which could simply be teasing as something more because I'm jealous.

      I'll refer you to Apres Ski. There is a gay man on there with his best gal friend who he sleeps with on the same bed, even cuddling with her. They flirt all the time, but that woman is in a relationship with another guy.

      He's gay. If you think that your GF's friend is bi or gay but she's an exception, that's a possibility. But I think you're overthinking this.

    • This guy is not gay I am telling you. He posts boobs and butts and wcw all the time. There is no pictures of other guys anywhere and I've met the guy and talked to him. He literally says he isn't gay, the only reason the gay thing came up is because my girlfriend tells me he's gay which she just wants him to be her gay best friend as she says. But he isn't gay, in fact when I worked with him he wouldn't even talk to me he would avoid me. I'm telling you I have met and talked with gay guys, they are very open with their sexuality.

  • I say I'miss you to lots of people, doesn't necessarily mean I like them...

    • Yeah, but is it acceptable to say I miss you to the opposite gender in a relationship? I mean I don't really just say that to other girls that are my friends when I am in a relationship because it just doesn't feel right.

    • I would honestly just talk about it to my girlfriend and tell her that it makes me slightly uncomfortable and jealous! And that you don't do it to other girls because you don't feel it's right. If I was her I would understand and actually find it cute (that you're jealous) and won't repeat it again...

    • Whenever I tell her that something she does bothers me she gets very upset. Like she takes it to heart and automatically accuses me of assuming something. Saying things like you OPs are saying "Oh I can't have friends". I'm fine with her having friends but 99% of them are guys, can't catch a break.

  • You can miss people non-romamtically, y'kmow 😑

    • Was looking at a few similar posts and boyfriends always get suspected of cheating while girls get justified as friends. Just as many women cheat as men but I don't think she is cheating. Is it acceptable to be in a relationship and tell someone else of the opposite gender that you miss them is ny question, because I don't say things like that to other girls when I am in a relationship. It just doesn't feel right.

    • Why can't people miss their friends?

    • Yeah I miss my friends, but I don't meet another girl a few months ago while I was in a relationship, and tell her that I miss her. I just feel like someone has to know that that would bother their boyfriend/girlfriend as common sense.

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  • It's not. You are not the only person in her life. He is a friend to her, and it's OK to miss your friends. Even if it's a guy. Try and remember that you are the one she has chosen to date, and be secure in that. Don't get all insecure and jealous and ruin a relationship over some nonexistent competition for her affection.

  • fucking American fucking

  • She is cheating on you. leave this bitch.

    • I don't think that justifies cheating but is it normal that that bothers me?

  • Tell her stop flirt with him bc bothering you if she didn't accept then leave this shit


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