Would you tell your date honestly that you don't like part of his personality?

I’ve been dating this guys for few weeks, everything is fine and we are getting closer.

However, every time when I say something he thinks that’s boring or not funny, he just keeps silence without answering a word, even sometimes I am asking him a question.

For example, he complained about food in my country is “all the same”, which is not true because I am sure that my country is a food paradise, so I asked him “which country doesn’t have “all the same food”? He just answered nothing.

Today, he texted me and told me that he got up at 11, and then I said, “oh so lucky you. I don’t even sleep that much on weekend because if I sleep too much, the holidays pass more fast.” And the he just READ IT and stop replying. WHY? I know i am not saying something interesting but it was just chatting, is it necessary to say every word very smart or funnt?

The problem is that we are not familiar so far and we sometimes cannot find a topic to talk to, and his reacting makes me more nervous to talk to him, because I have to think if he would act like this and make me awkward.

What would you do if you meet someone like this? Should I tell him how I feel in a serious way? I don’t want to change him and I know I can’t change him, so I am hesitating that if I should tell him.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If there are no common interests then wouldn't dating him be pointless?

    • well, i don't know, but we do like each other, maybe not too much though. the most of time we spent together is good, but just when he acts like this, i could not bear with it:(

Most Helpful Girl

  • You've been with him a few weeks. That's plenty enough time to decide if you are compatible or not, but still early enough to call it off without too much heartbreak.

    You guys are not compatible. Talking is never forced or awkward this often if you were. He seems... a bit ummmm... socially backward, maybe. I dated a guy who didn't appreciate my style of humor, it was awkward to say the least!

    Every couple goes through silences and times conversation is a little awkward in the beginning, but this is constant.

    It probably won't get better. In my humble opinion, find someone with whom you can easily talk about nearly anything and share banter. You shouldn't have to work this hard, this soon.

    • Yeah we are not very compatible. But the main reason is that I am always quiet when meeting with the guys I am interested in.:( It is my problem we've been a lot awkward moments that caused by me haha. I appreciate that he spent time to understand me.
      Recently I am getting better, feeling relaxed when meet him. But now he acts like this sometimes:(
      I think it's his personality, he didn't do it with bad intention. But right, we are not compatible.

    • Is it a mood thing? Sometimes I think men have GMS.. Guy Mental Syndrome. They can be quite moody, too. If it is only sometimes, maybe you can work through it. We all have times we just don't want to talk.

      If, however, you find it happens frequently and makes you feel badly about yourself, move on. Your significant other is supposed to lift you up, not drag you down.

    • yeah he's a moody person... and I've decided not to tell him because I know he knows it and that's him.
      So I would bear with him until the day I lost interest or he lost interest in me...
      thanks for your help!!!:)

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What Guys Said 1

  • I would lie to my dates and tell them after a while that I loathe part of them.

    • good suggestion, thank you!

What Girls Said 1

  • If you he was going to be with me for the rest of my life then I would. However, if its just a date and you dont see it going further then I wouldn't bother myself. However, I would point that out to a good friend.


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