I AM scared she is going to do something?

i live with my mom and my older sister of almost 29, for years she has locked herself up in her room, refusing to change and get a job, she is isolated, she doesn't have a social life or goes out, or goes to school. She suffers from severe depression or personality disorder , i am scared that one day she is going to snap and hurt one of us physically out of bitterness... i never know, i am in search of where i want to live and looking for a house, but i dont want to rush the process because of her... this girl is a bit nuts... will she hurt me? she literally hasn't lived life.. and my mother won't call in help and she won't accept any


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  • You need help from other adults... family/friends/professionals. We can't help you on GAG. You need to get help for your sister AND protect your mom and yourself!


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  • Not sure how to respond since you haven't given us any indication of WHY she might be dangerous.

    • im scared that once she realizes she has nothing left to lose she will literally hurt me and i can defend myself but im might go to jail for it, you see living with crazy people make you paranoid...

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    • she literally tterrorized us growing up

    • She has mental health issues yes?

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  • Instead of fearing her, help her

    • i ain't helping crazy

    • I'm just sayin'

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  • That is unfortunate, and your parents need to talk to your sister and maybe find her some type of therapy...

    However! You're the one that bluntly stated you wanted to KILL her... on your previous question... so if anyone in that house is Crazy it's YOU!

    You have serious issues... and I agree that you need to get out of that house before you do something... cause you're truly nuts. seek help.


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