How to know if he wants you back?

so I'm pregnant with my exes baby. recently he has been talking to me, I've been pretty reluctant, being he told me we would never get back together, and its definitely hard separating your feelings when a child is involved with the S. O. But I was wondering if he was maybe just trying to establish a friend relationship with me or is he trying to get back with me. He was casually dating this girl and I dont know where that is, but I just dont want to think things and get hurt.


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  • You will know when they weren't the same person you broke up, he improved and goes out of his way to make you happy. You will feel mutual, not a one way street. It's hard because you have a baby, and you'll never be able to think of him purely platonic. There's no telling if he's trying to just be civil for yours and the baby's health, but in due time he will show his true colours


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