How to interpret my Best Friend's actions, does she like me? She keeps asking me if I like her?

I like her, but don't think she likes me, and I keep trying to convince myself that she does like me.

I keep track of *hints* that she may likeme, but as we are best friends, it may just be casual conversaition.
She has asked me 4/5 times in the past few months if I like her, and I didn't notice these questions before.
Since we are best friends, I don't want to get confused between friendly gestures, and gestures that she likes me.

Some other things I have noticed

- She tells me about her other boy problems, she has said that I am her only guy friend, who friended her without the intention of dating her (thats what she thinks, not entirely true)
-she tells me about other guys she has rejected
- Everyone thinks we are dating, but we aren't
-In response to someone asking, she said we are complete opposites and wouldn't fit together at all)

This is an extension of the previous question, here is some background information

She has told me how she rejects 2 other guys in the past 3 months as well.


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