Girls, Why have I become so cold towards women?

Through past experiences I find it hard to even wanna look at women anymore. When they speak to me I just keep to a minimum. Any girls that like me I automatically shut them off. I used to love women now I wish they never existed!! I don't like it I wanna love them again but I'm still so bitter of the past


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  • You are mentally scarred it's clouding and has removed any feelings you ever had for a woman, something you need to work through and with time hopefully you will love again.

    • Hopefully I will Yeah I'm sure girls have the same experience towards us guys. I just won't date until I'm 25 and find a mature lady I can't stand girls my age

    • Absolutely anyone who has had a bad experience that's left them scared would feel the same way, don't lose hope you'll get there :)

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