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There was a woman I used to talk to every day last year either through texting or in person. I finally asked her out and we dated for about a month. During this time stresses made me quite distant and unresponsive to her texts, and planned half-assed dates. She would come to my home, and I would attempt to have sex with her knowing she wanted it (she said she wanted me to teach her about the reproductive system), but because of the things going on in my life I just couldn't. My mind was elsewhere. Unbeknownst to her my brother was sick, and there was a good chance that he would die. So some days I would just cry randomly, it was weird (I don't know why I have never cried before not even at our father's funeral). Anyways she became fed up with my bullshit, and just stopped texting me, and became unresponsive to my texts. One day I saw her, and I began talking to her. I apologized for my actions not explainng why I did them, but now when I text her or talk to her I feel as though I am bothering her. I don't understand how you can go from talking to someone everyday to responding to their texts with one word answers or constantly saying "aparently". Now my question is what should I do?


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  • Well, my boyfriend did the same to me and I am thinking about breaking up with him at the moment. First of all, you have to make sure, she's still single and available. Then you can slowly rebuild your relationship by making up for lost time. If you really want her, don't give up and keep trying. She'll eventually warm up to you. It's not your fault. But you pushed her away when you were stressed. You can't push people away and pull them back when you want and expect them to understand. Not everyone responds the same way. Hope, you guys work it out.

    • I feel like when I talk to her though I am harassing her. Her friend also glares or stares at me. I feel like this lady is not helping the situation. How should I rebuild the relationship?

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    • I've been texting her and today and Friday she was very laconic. Responding to my questions with yes, no, etc. What should I do? I feel like she is pushing me away

    • Well, stop texting her. If she has any interest at all, she'll text you first. If she doesn't, then you have to move on. Give it some time, one to two weeks.

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