Would you consider this a dealbreaker?

Met a man online that I like. He's cute, smart and I enjoy his company. After knowing him for a few weeks, these are a few things that I found out.

-40 year old single man
-Former Investment Banker trying to make a career switch
-Finds it better to be friends first
-Has 6 year old daughter
-We both put in 50/50 communication wise
-Not a big texter, keeps conversations short
-Currently lives with 2 cousins
-Does drugs occasionally
-No car

Would you consider any or all of these a dealbreaker?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd want to know why he has no car. Was he caught DWI? Was car reposessed for nonpayment? Did exwife get the car in divorce settlement? It's possible he lives in a large metro area and has no need (Chicago, NYC etc.).
    I'd also want to know his relationship with the 6 year old's mother. Is it amicable or strained?
    That said, none of the findings mentioned above are strict deal breakers.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Many of those things would be a dealbreaker for me, yes. But I am currently in a relationship with someone I had my own "dealbreaker list" about... so, you just need to think for yourself and see if you're ok with being with someone like this.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Didn't have to read past your first 4 words.


What Girls Said 3

  • Deal breakers... not all of them, bu enough for me to pass...

  • Yes, but it is up to you and only to you if you want to accept those things

  • The daughter, I'd have to think about.
    The drugs, it depends what drugs he's doing occasionally, for me weed would be the only one I'd be ok with.
    Living with two cousins, why? Depends again, sometimes bad things happen temporarily and people find themselves in a sticky spot, sometimes it's because their life is a wreck, find out why.


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