She's sending mixed signals?

One of my friends has started hanging around me a lot more recently and she seems like she is pretty into me. We already broke the touch barrier as well. There were some rumors circulating about her so I had a mutual friend check it out. My friend ended up telling her that I like her and she said that she wants to stay single for a little while (she just got out of a bad relationship). I expected her to be scared off by my friend saying this way too soon, but she still approaches me and acts like nothing happened. I don't know if she just sees me as a good friend or if she actually does like me but wants to wait a while. I'm nervous to hug her or do anything personal with her now because I feel like that will be very uncomfortable for her. So her actions show that she likes me yet her words say that she's not ready or that she was just kindly rejecting me. What's the deal?


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