He needs his space for a little but I need to ask him some things and I want to apologize... should I send a text to see him?

(Sorry its long)
I just turned 20 and he is 23.
At first everything was great, he even asked me to be his girlfriend on the first date but I said maybe later on just not right now and he accepted and we kept seeing each other. We've gone on a few dates, Dinner, Movie, Hiking, etc. He's told me that he likes me and that he just isn't sure if he's ready for a relationship.(Despite the 1st date) He's been in a dry spell of relationships for 2 years, same as me. He knows I want to be with him, and he wasn't sure - until the day after Thanksgiving.
We decided to hang out, went on a date, and went back to his house. He gave me a necklace, and asked me "to be his". I accepted, and the weekend was great!

Here's where the problems come in - I have trust issues, and I can be immature and clingy, he doesn't like clingy. Plus, this was a "trial relationship", testing the waters so he said.
Two weeks ago I was having a bad week, and he just got a new job and it started the day were were supposed to hang out, so I got upset and posted my feelings to social media - big mistake. We got into a little fight the day after but made up.. kind of. We "broke up" but were still planning on seeing each other on my birthday, the following Saturday. Birthday came, day was a muck and none of my plans were happening so I became annoyed and stressed. He never got back to me when I would see him, so I eneded up basically erasing him from my life - phone number, deleted him on social media, and just cut him off - I took it out on him basically.
So we got in a major fight, he called me out on all my faults and everything while I said we had miscomunicated.
We made up, I asked if we were okay and he said yes, but "As much as I would love to ease your pain and suffering, I need some space to focus on work and my major project. I can't talk to people around the world while worrying about something else in the back of my mind." I said okay and gave him his space.

A week has passed and well.. title


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  • text her if you want to ask


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