What is he interested in?

Met a guy on tinder. He didn't pull the normal corny stuff guys pull on tinder. We decided to hang out. We just talked about our lives. We decided to hang out another night and I ended up drinking and staying at his place. He actually asked me if I wanted a kiss. We ended up sleeping together after he just wanted to snuggle. I left in the morning for work then I asked if he wanted to watch a movie. We ended up just snuggling and kissing on the couch. He asked if he could hang out again. I asked him before this started why he was on tinder. He said he wanted to meet new people and see where it goes. Do you think he's interested in something serious or just a hook up?


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  • Every guy is different! Unfortunately the best answer to your question is going to come from him, so just ask!

  • you should ask him that


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