Is this a red flag?

When me and my boyfriend started dating he got drunk a few times and told me he loved me. Then, we were both drunk at the same time and he said I love you so I said it back. A few days later when we were sober I said it to him and he said it back. When I brought it up, he claimed I said it first and that he didn't remember the other times. He said he was kind of shocked when I said it "first" but then he said it back because he felt it too. We kept saying it to eachother, but after about 5 months he stopped saying it first (so I stopped too). Does this mean he never loved me, or did he fall out of love, or am I just making an issue out of nothing?


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  • just ask him why he doesn't tell you he loves you anymore

    • I don't want to seem needy

    • you tell each other you love each other... To some that is needy.. So just say "Is there something wrong, because I have noticed you haven't said you love me and it kind of hurts my feelings. is there something wrong? Did I do something wrong?" or say "i love you" in person and if he says nothing or doesn't say it back just ask him whats wrong.

    • He'll say it back to me or if I'm having a rough day or something he'll say it first. But he does't day it often or in the spur of the moment.

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