Is this rejection? We both liked each other but now he's giving me the cold shoulder right after we both found out that we like each other... ?

We go to the same private college.. We started as friendly acquaintances and then it became known through social media that we both like each other more, and now he is ignoring me. When we run into each other, he still says hey and whatever, but he acts more nervous, or reserved; he isn't as charismatic or friendly as before... I don't get it... You'd think he would be even more into me now that we found out we like each other. He hasn't asked to hang out in over 2 weeks... We have both been very busy with school, but I feel like there must be some time. I have tried reaching out to him over messaging & asked to see him, since I hardly see him otherwise, but he ignored my attempt. I feel lost as to what I can do.. Should I just move on or what? Even if he is inexperienced with girls, this is just kinda annoying and frustrating. His friends stare at me when I walk by them too, which is annoying as well. Maybe there's another girl involved?


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  • If you've reached out to him asking to spend time together, and he's ignored you, then it sounds like a quiet rejection, and he just doesn't want to deal with telling you straight up.

    Sorry ><

    At this point, it looks like you need to start moving on (or going all stalker-ish, but that's not cool) Good luck!

    • But why would he let it be known he likes me, then the day after when I ask him to hang out, he goes all silent? I just don't get it

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    • I'm trying to be nonchalant about it. Lol but I am so bothered. He is like avoiding me (he saw me yesterday and walked the other way). I don't get it at all. I'm trying to go hands off with the situation.

    • :p It'd be so nice if he could at least tell you what he's feeling/thinks, but that doesn't sound likely.

  • For guys, relationships can be scary. When a guy first meets a girl he likes, usally he will be freindly and charasmatic. But, when a guy eighther gets the sence that a girl isn't intrested or that a girl is intrested we tend to freak out (metaly). The fear of asking out the person, fear of rejection (even though he knows you like him), or he just is over thinking everything. It happens to most guys. The best thing to do is to ask the person out yourself. If you know he likes you then he will say yes. Most guys would rather be adked out. To be honest.. us guys are wimps.

    • Well I had asked him to dinner and to see him.. And he never got back to me. In person it's like impossible to ask him... I get nervous

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  • If he stops talking to you/messaging you, I think at that point it's ok to ask him what's going on. It solves problems on both sides and gives you both the opportunity to tell each other what you're thinking. I was in a similar situation and asked what was going on, and sadly things didn't work, but he was willing to tell me why he backed away.

    • What was the reason he gave?

    • Strongly agree here, if women just asked what a guy is thinking he will tell her.

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