Would you date someone who sold their used underwear and socks online when they really needed money?

  • Yes i would
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  • Yes but it would make me uncomfortable
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  • Maybe
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  • No
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  • Yes only if the really needed money, if they do it regularly then no
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Most Helpful Girl

  • #TrollFail... 💩💩💩

    • This is real, people buy that

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    • Come on man... please post a link to a LEGIT non porn site where someone is selling uses socks and underwear

    • I didn't say it wasn't sexual for the people buying it, and it wouldn't be a reputable site, i never said it would be the JCPenny's of used underwear, you assumed that

      here's an example


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not gonna lie, I wouldn't like it at all. But I don't think it'd be a deal-breaker, provided that times were very desperate AND she had ZERO interaction with these people.

    Also, I wouldn't want the experience to turn her off from wearing cute socks for me. 💚


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  • Yes, but because it was desperate times. At least it was just that, not prostitution, being a stripper, cam-girl, or other stuff.
    I wouldn't be too comfortable about it, I kinda feel is disrespectful too yourself.


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