Giving up on dating?

No matter what I do I can't get a date hell even getting a girl to text me back is a problem. Some of my friends have it so easy it's ridiculous. One of my buddies just broke up with his girl and bam one week after he's already dating a girl. I dress nice I workout I drive a nice car and girls just ignore me. It might be that I'm too nice my buddy is more of a player and covered in tats and girls seem to like that.


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  • Maybe you're approaching girls the wrong way. Like maybe you put yourself in the friend zone.

  • Where are you meeting these girls? Maybe try to switch up your strategy a bit. For example, instead of trying to meet girls at bars or parties, try to approach quiet or nice looking ones who are by themselves, like eating or shopping or something.

    You could also give dating apps a shot.


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