Girl wants to study with me but?

Met this girl on this new dating app. She knows I'm in school and she is too. She said she is open to studying with me. I asked her where would she want to study and she said "wherever you are." Thing is I study at home. No lie. So should I tell her to come over to my apartment? Or do you think that will turn her off?


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  • It is a bit soon... But she did say "wherever"

    • Lol yes she did. But since you're a girl, would you go to a guy's apartment expecting to just study?

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    • Thanks for mho

    • ure welcome

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  • I would change your environment to a cafe atmosphere, she could respond badly to you inviting her to your house (or well, who knows) and you don't really know her either, so for your own sake (she could turn out to be crazy), meet in a public place, get to know her there first before any home invitations.

    • It's supposed to be a study session and not a date.

    • Still wouldn't invite a stranger into your home and I'm sure you will chat a bit still.

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  • just let her come over, just like my friends would say dont be a pussy

    • i'm not afraid to say it. I'm cautious as to the outcome. Better safe than sorry.

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