Girls, why am I not getting any girls?

So I am in college, first year, I consider myself decent looking, friends have told me I look great. I take care of myself, my arms hug my sleeves, I'm funny, interesting, very smart, and confident.

Despite this, girls don't respond positively to me. I initiate conversation, talk after class, or going to class, I don't show any neediness or weakness, I ask all the right questions, but they never try to converse. I would get simple answers, or if they would talk, the subject changing is always up to me. This really doesn't make sense because I've seen these same girls around guys who aren't really that good looking, and just seem to want to sleep all the time.

Taking care of myself has been a big part of me being happy about myself. But if my happiness, confidence, and positive appearance are not getting me anywhere with girls, then I'm kind of losing motivation. I've started to wear hats more often instead of doing my hair, I wear sweaters now, and I tend to be more quiet in class now, cause I see no point. By me acting like a bum, nothing has really changed, no one going to to me first.

I am at the point where I'm okay with just making friends. Hanging on the weekends with girls just as friends sounds a whole lot better than nothing to do nothing weekends. I can accept that girls I meet will just be friends, because they can be good practice for when the one I actually acquire interest in comes to my life.

Why does dating and now friendship have to be so complicated?


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