Is my brother a good boyfriend to this girl?

Whenever i play/joke about him he gets mad yell at me, callig me names or take my stuff and throw it outside the house -.- same goes for mom
He pisses everyone off and over react. Here's the thing. He doing the same thing to his girlfriend yell at her/calls her name and made her cry mutiple times. Thinks he is always right, when she holds something heavy he never help her

So what do you think?
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Our family can't wait for him to move out!
Always say he has feelings to but dont care about others feelings! Piece of S***


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  • He sounds like a foul person and no he's not a good boyfriend, he's an idiot that needs to learn to control his temper tantrums.


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  • Your boyfriend bad seed!


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  • The answer is obvious. The guy is a nut job.


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