Crush alert maybe?

Okay so there's this guy , he's my senior and were in a 3 day contest together, we have become greats friends, we talk everyday , he calls me dearie and has given me a nickname too , he is very sweet to me , and is always eager to see me , he has said that he want to know me completely , he often compliments me too and one of my friends noticed that he stared at me too and we'll going to a different city this winter break for a school competition along with other 20 students , my friends think that he likes , does he? Give you opinions below , they'll be very much appreciated
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  • Yes he really likes you

    • Thank you for your opinion, it is very much appreciated šŸ˜Š

  • It's possible šŸ’šŸ»

    • You really think so?

    • Would consider saying "dearie" to the person you like on chat? or it can be used for anyone?

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