Boyfriend and my sister like each others photos and message?

Me and my boyfriend aren't doing so well relationship wise. I'm pregnant and there's a whole lot of issues with that. My sister added him on Facebook and told me she messages him. This bothers me because she's very dependant when it comes to relationships as in she feels like she really needs to be with someone. It's almost an obsession to. her. she never speaks of her kids and seems to just want love to herself. I don't know the frequency or subjects of their conversations but they're at the point where they like each others photos. Last night me and my boyfriend had an argument over our relationship, and I toldher, and I look on Facebook and she liked his latest photo. I may be throwing things out of proportion, but it's starting to get to me. I'm not sure, but it seems like she would be the type to stoop low. She already slept with a man who's separated, not divorced, and a guy I told her was still in a relationship so I don't think she cares.


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  • If she ever got with him then both would deserve the death penalty. Pregnant girlfriends sister is a no go and pregnant sisters boyfriend the same. Surely this is innocent but I suggest u keep a close eye on things but do not make any accusations unless u have proof first.


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  • Thats concerning. I suggest you keep an eye on them. It would be very mean from them..

  • be honest.. who is better, sexy.. you or your sister?

  • Can you be anymore emotionally strong?

    • Dude you're 15, what do you know about emotional strength

    • Ummm... *looks at asker with eyebrows lifted;smirks and walks away*

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