What can I do to make this girl fall more in love with me than her high school first love?

She is in college now. But she has already went through the notions of having a long term boyfriend, making out, fooling around, etc.

There is nothing new to do besides sex but she is saving that until marriage and it can actually be more counterproductive than helpful.

So what can I do to make her fall more madly in love with me to the point of almost forgetting the first guy she loved?


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  • You can't make someone fall in love with you, let alone make them love you more than she loved someone else.

    • I don't mean literally "make" her.

      What are some things that can possibly inhibit those feelings?

    • Just be an all round good person to her. Has she told you she isn't over the other guy yet? If she's not over him then you just need to give it time and be patient - don't push for anything too serious. Just be a friend to her.

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