Guys, what is the best way a girl can tell you she's not interested?

What are some polite ways to say to a guy that you're not interested when they approach you so as not to hurt their feelings. I know I could just say I'm not interested but I always feel bad when the guy feels rejected because I know it's takes a lot of courage to approach women. Sometimes even if I say I'm not interested they are persistent which I know they aren't trying to be annoying but charming but as of this moment my head and heart aren't open to dating.

Also follow up question: How about if you are interested in them and do eventually want to date/talk to them and want to exchange numbers but just aren't ready at the moment to date. If I am straight forward and tell them I am interested but not at this moment is that okay or will guys just think that I'm politely rejecting them and not bother keeping in touch or accepting your message when you do reach out to them?


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  • Just be straight forward. I'm Sorry but I'm not interested. Or I don't find you attractive. Know one is going to be completely OK with rejection, they liked you so it will obviously hurt. But if you are straight up then he won't keep pursuing and thinking he may have a chance. Don't beat around the bush or make up some BS.

    To your follow up question. Several things might go through his head.
    1. This girl is immature and does not know what she wants so she is a waste of time.
    2. You are BSing him and trying to reject him like you said. To fix that you have to get his number and talk to him and prove that you are actually trying to talk to him. Also tell him why not at the moment. Because if a guy is going to wait it better be for a good reason.
    Be polite, honest, and direct. after those three things feelings don't matter you did your part. To be respectful.


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  • they say they prefer straight forward, but when you do that they get all hurt and broken (some become violent)
    and when you try to hint it, they dont get it most of the time lol

    what i do is, when i detect a guy starting to crush on me or something and im not into him or i dont want to be with him for w/e reason
    i put on this "little sister/lesbian friend" act thing, lol usually works


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  • Just say it, don't be like one of those girls who starts getting shy and won't speak to me anymore all day, and if by some chance we cross paths in the building, you look at me and make it a point for me to see you avoid me. It's really confusing...

  • I'd prefer it if she kept her distance and ignored me, I'd get the message loud and clear that way.

  • Ignoring we get the message


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