Am I right to be angry with my boyfriend for doing this?

We didn't see each other for a week because he has holidays and is living with his parents at the beach.
He told me that he will not come back to the city and then suddenly change his mind and told me "You're the only reason I am willing to come back to the city"

I though it was nice but he went to play soccer for 3 hours and made me watch all the game.
Am I being childish? I though that he came back to the city for me, not for the football.


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  • Well, I think at this point you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. You may be the MAIN reason why he came back, but that doesn't mean you're the ONLY reason. It sounds harsh, but I would give him a chance. Maybe he thought it would be a good way to show off to you, I don't know. Have you tried talking to him about it? What does he say? If he gets upset, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship/talk it out more. If he understands then you shouldn't be uspet. Hope this helps!


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