Should I tell her that I like her?

She already knows because my friend told her and she replied saying that she doesn't want a relationship right now since she just had a bad breakup, but my gut still tells me that once she's gotten over the breakup there is a big chance of her liking me due to how she acts around me (she shows all of the signs). I think that it's a good idea for me to straight up tell her that what my friend told her is true and that I would like to get to know her better, but that I understand that she needs time, and to ask her if she has any intrest in me at all so I don't waste her time or my time or make it uncomfortable for her if there is no chance. Does this seem like a good idea because I don't see anything wrong with being straight up and laying it on the table for her.


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  • It's best to be open just tell her how you feel and the offer will stand until she's ready for a relationship.

    • I decided to call it quits unless she approaches me. There is no fixing this one and the ball is in her court now.

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