I need this answered help me out did I fuck what would have possibly been? HELP PLEASE SOMEONE PUT THERE OPINION ON THIS?

So my guy friend who I truly have a lot of feelings for and it's killing me. We started talking more and more daily back in the end of September. I had the urge to want to talk to him one day and he just started contacting me first from that day forward. It was all going pretty well we'd flirt and we'd talk a lot. He was including me in his busy life he'd message me from work to just wanna chat with me and I love that. I think went wrong was I didn't act interested in the way he thought I was I wouldn't ask him to hang out because I thought he wouldn't want to because I'm shy around him and that causes me not to talk to him much. I feel like he felt like he was being rejected and it was me honestly not knowing what to tell him because I was scared of being rejected myself. Now this is what's killing me he's in a relationship now which I'm pretty sure won't last but I have to respect his relationship. I don't want fuck it up for him. But honestly he doesn't seem to much into the girl. She posts more about him then he does about her. I think he really did like me and still does. I started to really like him again. Is there hope still? I feel in my gut there is. I'll just have to wait it out. He's only seeing this girl once a week? That's why I'm questioning is he serious about her? He was always questioning me also with are you talking to anyone else or are you into dating someone else? I fucked that up I think that's why this is the way it is right now. I always said you'll find someone you'll be with someone when I really wanted to say right here idiot here I'm but I didn't and I regert it everyday not telling him. I instead said no dating isn't my thing and it's only because I never have any lucky. I think to myself stupid your crush liked you back and you blew it. Possibly still likes me I think.


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  • If you're both single there's still hope. Explain to him why you were being weird before and apologize.

    • He is not single anymore goddam is there still hope I think so.

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