Does "have the talk" scare guys away? How do you even have the talk? Have YOU ever had the talk with someone?

I've always been so scared about having the talk with guys I'm seeing cause I'm afraid i'm gonna scare them away if i open up about my feelings. Is this true, does guys get scared and run away? And what is the best way of bringing your relationship up and defining it without embarrassment and fear?

And, if you're in a relationship or has been in one, how did you guys go from dating to become a couple? Who brought it up and how? How long were u dating? Please share your stories and experiences it's really fun to know and to learn from each other. :)


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  • Well first date my girlfriend was the one to start the kissing lol. The only not so fun part of the date was chasing her literally through the park lol. Ever since were considered a couple. with I guess you could call it a third wheel even though she isn't really. I never have gotten mad that she brings her little twin sister with us on dates. You can forget she's even there lol. She's legit mute as in born without a voice box (the twin sister uses a notebook as her voice). we are on our fifth year and its lots of fun. Especially getting dragged/guilted into going to the twin sisters b-day party which isn't a bad thing. Just most people dont have the patience to wait for the twin to write out her thoughts.


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