Is she playing hard to get?

Okay so there's this girl in one of my classes that I like and we've been on two dates so far. The first one was lunch and she paid for her meal and then our second date was to the movies and she paid for her own ticket. Both times I offered to pay but she would insist that she pay for her and even though we flirt quite a bit I'm still unsure if she likes me since we haven't kissed or gone past the touching barrier. I also never used the word date when I asked her out and I'm debating if I should stop trying with her since I don't want to catch feelings for a girl who doesn't like me back.

1) do you think I should say "date" when I suggest the 3rd one?

2) does she even like me?

3) should I give up and move on to another girl?


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  • It doesn't seem like she is interested, but I can't tell you 100%.

    Do you two write together?

    I think it should be her turn to "ask you out". She is probably not interested in you, if she doesn't contact you first at some point. You should wait and see. It's her turn.


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  • Even if she gets the hint, she probably is denying it in her her as you never used the word "date", and thought you asked her out just as a friend. If you really like her, don't give up. If you don't, why even try?


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