Hi guys, girls^^ I have a question for you~ What do you think about a relationship (long distance) between a dude who is 26 and a girl who is 19?

Im a bit worried she would say no because of the gap... I love her i really do but still this gap..6years


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  • My opinion, being that there is 5 years between my girlfriend (26) and me (21) and we live over 1000 miles away, we met/are in college, is that love will always find a way. Two people who mutually are trying to make it work will find a way to do so and will come out stringer because of it. However, both people have to want it or it won't work out.


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  • You are both adults, why would the gap be a bother? If anything the long distance part of the relationship would be more worrisome.

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