I'm going to die alone, is there point in trying?

I'm unattractive in everyway. Both physically and persinality wise. Everything about me repels other people. Is there any point in trying to find happiness? Or should I accept the inevitable?


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  • There are people who are unattractive and because of their personality made them attractive. There are also really hot people who are more boring than wood and that makes them not attractive. Beauty is truly in thw eye of the beholder. What kind of personality do you have?

    There's always a way to change a boring personality. Try going to places you have an interest in, maybe a museum, and talk about a subject you like. When people, no matter who, talk about their genuine interest it makes them seem a lot more attractive because of the added pep in their voice.

    As for looks, if they're really that important then try to make some changes that you're comfortable with. Don't change for anyone and feel insecure about it. Maybe you could fix up your hygiene. If you look and smell clean that goes a long way. A person also becomes attracted to someone who smells good too.

    There are a lot of things you can do. Don't just give up

    • My personality is awkward and boring. Some people also find me rude

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    • @Imasanegirl but what if that wait is never ending or unitl im like 50? if it's that long then there's no point waiting

    • Once you start doubting yourself its like a poison, you'll slowly die from it. Your self esteem will be shot and that can actually lead to death.

      Maybe this depends on who you're talking to? Maybe you're being picky about who you wanna be friends with. Try being friends with everybody. Not just a girl who looks attractive but maybe try a chunky kid with allergies and asthma or something. Chances are he or she is probably feeling the same way you feel.

      You're not the only one who feels like that I guarantee you. People everywhere feel lonely and rejected from society but its because they usually don't try

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  • I'll put this bluntly. You are under 18 and you have no idea what is going to happen in your future. You are not even close to being old enough to get any idea how your life will go. The vast majority of people go through many changes in their lives. Most likely some of those changes will be pretty major.

    A year from now might be completely different. Then five more years it might be different again. Then ten years even more different. Life is about constant change. Some of those changes are under your control, some are not. Most just happen.

    Give your life a chance, because you are giving up before you even start. Some things in life suck. Some suck pretty badly. But us humans are strong and resilient. You just gotta lift your head up, take a deep breath and keep going.

    • Im not sure if I'll change, I will have to be the complete opposite of what I am now to even get a friend

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    • Wrong about what?

    • I don't know. But if you want to try to fix something then you have to identify what's wrong first. I asked about admitting to yourself that you're wrong because that can be hard for a lot of people to do. You have to identify it and admit to it before you can do anything about it.

      So what is it about you that people don't like?

      By the way, I'm going to be busy for a while. But I'll check in here every now and then if you still want to talk.

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  • I've dated guys like you. I just broke up with someone like you. What i said to my ex was, "I hope you change your personality because i want you to experience love, marriage and happiness. everybody deserves love and happiness. I would hate to know 20 years from now you are an old angry drunk instead dealing with your emotions. I tried so hard to be there for you, but i couldn't because you wouldn't let me. I put up with you for so long because i knew my boyfriend who was sweet, kind, sensitive, funny, caring and lovable was in there somewhere and i wanted him back. But i should've ended long ago when you changed. If you knew you were going to end up alone, then why lead me on for this long? I loved you so much and made sure that you were happy, but i felt like I failed. In the end, my heart was broken. I'm going to pray that you change the way you are for your own happiness one day. And to treat the next girl better and appreciate her, and show it to her. Don't take her for granted like you did to me."
    I don't know if that got through to him but i wished him the best. So I'm wishing you the best as well.
    Don't give up on yourself.

    • But if he managed to get a friend, let alone a girlfriend then he's already doing way better than I ever could

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    • Go to YouTube and watch the this guy called Onision. He's disliked but he was like you. Couldn't find love, is hated by everyone, he felt lonely and now he has a wife and 2 kids. He's 30. It took him this long.

    • How bout just friends, I have none no matter how hard I try

  • You also have a very negative attitude and what sounds like very little perseverance...

    • I've been trying to get just a friend, let alone a girlfriend for 4 years now

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  • inb4 personality
    inb4 beauty is in the eye of beholder..

    if that was true, you wouldn't be single. And interestingly how every woman who says that, wouldn't date you...

    You need to looksmax: Jaw surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery.
    And/or get money.

  • Work on your personality...

    • I've tried, no matter what happens I come out the other side the same person

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    • What is so bad about your personality that can't change?

    • That just means I have a longer time of lonlyness ahead of me...

  • repent. repentance in greek is metanoia- the complete change of your mindset (it means more but thats on a first level). start praying to God, to Christ, see the transformation happen in your life. you'll be a magnet of love. people will want to be around you.

    • Yea-no, scientist for life. I don't have faith in things, I require evidence.

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    • you can talk about things you know and things you have experienced. its not decent to pull opinions out of your back. christianity survived persecutions, mass murderings, tortures and all kinds of hardships. people dont just give their life for nothing. especially NOT WHEN you are promised of nothing in return. not for something unsure and doubtful for which you have o proof. Christ just promised a cross, whats that which motivates christians to continue? not faith in something artificial like thor, and not experiencing nothingness, thats for sure. criminals turning into saints, prostitutes into examples of virtue, sicknesses of mind and body heal. as long as there is the world christianity will be here. you can put yourself in cryosleep, wake up in 1000 years and tell us what you see. well we already know what you'll see.

    • You'll probably see nothing as by that time we will have abandoned earth due to SCIENCE, not a floating magical being that conveniently can't communicate

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