Why can't some guys honest?

I been talking to a guy for the past few weeks and known him a little over a month. He basically haven't really contacted me. I text him like do you still want to talk me because it seems like you don't. I told him in want to stop wasting time caring about this. He hasn't responded. How come some men or people in general can't be honest be straight up. Advice?


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  • It's not men or people, it's that one person. If you don't like it, find a new guy


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  • he's too immature
    &/or has low-IQ
    to even HAVE a response to give

    When others go silent
    YOU have become either
    The Mark/Stooge/Fall guy
    the outcast

    So use your time developing other interests/guys = putting as much distance between those relationship days and the new ones

    There's no need to block him in any way... revenge is a soup best served cold

    • Haha! No need to block him if he never talks anyway right?

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    • He could of at least let me know what it is

    • It's not you it's him +
      it doesn't matter, it's not something you're going to fix for someone being flushed out of your life... I certainly wouldn't invest anything more into a future with THAT

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  • His silence is his answer. Don't waste one more breath or text on this guy.

    • I said if he doesn't text me by 11am today I am blocking him. He could at least let me know what it is and with enough respect

    • Don't wait til 11, do it now! You don't need this in your life. If he's already making you crazy with his lack of... well heck, ANYTHING, what would happen if you actually got with him? You need a man, not a cowardly little boy. Block his scrawny, frightened little no answering, egotistical butt now!

    • Lol... Thanks... lol

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