How do I tell my boyfriend I was sexual abused?

I was being sexual abused as a kid by 3 different uncles. Despite of that, I trust and love my boyfriend a lot. He's my first boyfriend and he never question whenever he see me acting awkward around other guys and I never tell him anything about what my uncles did to me as a kid.

However we're getting married soon and I would like to share it with him. We don't have any intimacy issues but I'm afraid that breaking this news to him will change our intimate relationship. We haven't had sex yet. So how do I go about it?


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  • It sounds like you do have some intimacy issues. You haven't had sex yet you're getting married & you haven't shared this with him yet? That's kind of a lot. Before you get married you owe it to yourself to get some therapy for your past abuses. Breaking this news to your fiance should be something you discuss with a therapist. Don't minimize the effects your past trauma has had on you. good luck!

    • He didn't want to have sex.

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