How to date an extrovert guy if you're an introvert girl? Tips?

I'm an introvert girl and I only have one best friend and I'm a person with very few words. I don't see a need to pretend in social situations and be someone I'm not and I like being in a small intimate group than a party of animals.

I'm dating an extrovert guy with very loud unruly friends and often I find myself awkward and quiet in those situation. I'm not trying to be cold but I just don't like pretending to like his friends when obviously I dislike them. I'm not complaining anything about him hanging out with them and I'm fine with it but that don't mean I should pretend I like them.

Any tips to date an extrovert guy?


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  • Just tell him your preferences on what you wanna do and if he truly love u he will take that into consideration


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  • Any tips for an introverted guy that likes extroverted girls, how do I deal with that?

    • just try and talk to her if thats to much just send subliminal messages and try and show her without telling her

    • @Lizabeth989 so stare at her kind of to show I'm interested, and approach her to talk?

    • dont stare creepidly but like glance at her a lot and then approach her

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