Does success attract you or intimidate you?

When it comes to meeting new people, particularly potential partners, does success attract or intimidate you?

I am a teacher. I earn a good wage. I drive a nice car. I own my own home. I travel. I write books. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am.

I met a guy recently who seemed really interested in me before I told him what I did for a living. Since I told him he's backed off a little. We still text but I haven't heard from him in over two weeks. I would say he was successful too, but he made it quite clear that his career isn't something he is happy with - isn't something he wanted to do. Does success impact on dating?


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  • I can only tell you how I feel so here goes:
    I would say that in my life i am not exactly where I want to be and don't know what I will do with my life. Also, I feel quite stupid in the University I am in. The point being that I am a tad insecure about those things and feel horrible about them. If i were to date someone who was quite successful I might become a bit jealous, feel a little emasculated because, or feel that I would be judged for it. Also, as a guy, society dictates that one of the only good things about us in a relationship is being a provider (Being beautiful or handsome has never been something that is normally said about most men, only the few percent of men and even then it is not as flaunted) so if I were to lose that role I'd feel useless in a relationship.

    To sum it up, yes I'd be intimidated but it is because of my own insecurities and my fear that I am not good enough. However, as I stated at the beginning, this is only my, very jaded, view of things.

    Also, try reading this article, it may help to extrapolate on my views or, if not, its still a good read in my opinion:


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  • It doesn't intimidate me. I don't consider myself successful because I'm not where I want to be yet, but if I were dating you and you told me you earn more than me and were more established and all, I actually would trust you more. Sure, I'd wonder why the heck is she going out with me? But it'll actually draw me in instead of putting me off.


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  • I am kinda of scared of begin judge because i haven't done much!


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