How should you react when someone says I've heard about you?

This kind of scares me because I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, it feels like I've been bad. When the person you date has a friend or close someone that says this. Is it good or bad?


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  • It could be either. Or neutral. People just talk and throw around names. It doesn't mean talking behind their back or anything. It's usually something like this:

    Hey, did you know Sally got a new job?
    Who's Sally?
    Oh, she's good friends with John.
    OK, yea I know John.
    They've been friends for years. Joe also, those three always hang out.
    I've met Joe but don't really know him.

    It's usually just chit chat. Names get thrown around all the time.

    But if you want to know how I'd react, I'd probably just ask. If they said they've heard of me I'd just ask where. If it was something negative, they probably wouldn't have said they heard of you.


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  • Just hope for the best. Dont fret for all ya know its all compliments. lol. ^w^ or just all the nice stuff you have done for others or etc.

  • I'm an arrogant fuck so I always assume it's a good thing! ahahahaha


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