Is it wrong that I turn down fix-up dates who aren't physically fit?

I have relatives and friends trying to fix me up with girls constantly because I'm usually single. The problem is, most of the time the girls they want me to date aren't in the best shape. Some are just plain overweight, and even the ones who aren't are frumpy and not fit at all. I can't force myself to be attracted to these girls, regardless how nice or sweet they may be.

I'm a physically fit person, and I usually spend10+ hours a week in the gym. I'm very physical, and I'm only attracted to girls who are physical as well. Anyone who would allow herself to be 40+ pounds overweight probably wouldn't even understand my lifestyle. But every time I turn down a date with a 'fix up,' I get guilted by friends or relatives about being too picky or not dating the very sweet girls they picked for me. Is it wrong that I won't date these girls?


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  • well u have a preference, and that's understandable, but i wonder how many opportunities u might have missed because she was a great person on the inside.

    the physical lifestyle can always be achieved over time. if she was open to it, and u were willing to help, [plus it's great for bonding], then i don't see why not. if i were overweight i would have loved a man who could encourage me to feel and look my best.

    but yeah id understand why you'd probably just want someone who's fit to start with.


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  • You're friends should know your type!

    Nothing wrong with wanting a girl who can keep up with you in the gym

    • They do know, they just don't seem to care. I think they're somewhat annoyed that I'm so into physical fitness when most of them think it's silly to worry over bodyfat percentages when you can drink Dr. Pepper instead. It's like they want to prove something to me by hooking me up with a fat girl, because that will enlighten me to the fact that my emphasis on fitness is misguided.

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    • They are, but most women who are serious about fitness don't like being approached at the gym. It's considered a breach of etiquette.

    • Oh that's true well hopefully you'll see them outside the gym

  • You're not breaking any laws, so its really not up to others to dictate who you choose to date.


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