I haven't been in a relationship or been with anyone for a long time and now I have a boyfriend I am really scared?

This is embarrassing but i haven't been in a relationship since 2010, i haven't been with anyone physically since then either, i suffer with anxiety and depression so i've basically isolated myself and now i have a boyfriend, i'm so nervous about kissing, we've talked about how much we want to kiss and stuff but actually kissing, i'm so nervous about it. We're in a long distance relationship and we're really serious about each other, i found someone who i have so much in common with and i really like him, distance means nothing but it's kissing i'm nervous about, when we meet and we want to kiss, i'm afraid i'll come across as if i'm not interested when i am, i really am.

Is there something wrong with me?


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  • It is normal to be nervous. How long is the distance and how often can you see each other?

  • No, you're just experiencing some jitters. It'll get better with time

    • Thank you! I've been over thinking it. :/

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