What should I do!! Need Advice?

So me and my boyfriend just got back to and that's a long story but today I have been such an emotional woman that I have been blowing up his phone about us not hanging out and his texting yeah... I have been over sensitive today lol it got so bad that I even block him from fb and I know I know that's childish and stupid I wish I didn't do that and I don't think he Knows that I did because I deactivate my fb so it won't look like it lol yeah I know so I'm trying to figure out how to tell him that... and sent him a text letting him know how sorry I am but I still haven't told about fb yet here is the conversation right he is the gray bubble, I know i was acting crazy but I need to figure out how to tell him about fb without him getting mad lol
What should I do!! Need Advice?


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  • I can't understand from the paragraph what r u asking for?

    • I was mad today I block him from fb today' and I Deactivate so it wouldn't look like block him, I was mad early over some stupid stuff and I want to tell him that I did but I don't want to ruin things because of that

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    • Yeah it does but should I still say something or wait it out

    • Say something, explain the pms and stuff.

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  • Just say sorry again, and be really sweet to him.

    • Well how would you text your boyfriend saying sorry about blocking him

    • I'd say something like- I'm so so sorry, I don't even know why I took things out on you. I was having the worst day, pms on top of that and I was acting silly with everybody, even ended up deactivating my Facebook. Don't know what's wrong with me recently. You're the one who always makes me feel better at these times too, just by being you, so I don't know why I pushed you away yesterday.

      I'd follow up with trying to make plans to see him that day and just cuddle him straight away and say sorry then continue to act all lovey dovey all day til he gets over it a bit.

    • Thank you I probably should sent this to him tomorrow

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  • Do u have to tell to him? Sometimes we should keep something us


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