If she stopped texting should I wait for her to start texting me again?

We consider us both to be best friends, and we also like each other more than friends ( we told each other a couple of weeks ago)
She stopped texting me on Tuesday, even though I asked a question. It is now Friday night. We agreed we will talk on the phone Sunday night so is she just saving up for that or what do you think is happening?
She lives in a different state than I do by the way


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  • Just wait til Saturday then. You don't have to text her again. Maybe she's just busy and that'll be the only time she can talk?

    • She has posted several times on Facebook so I think she has time. I don't get why she stopped texting. She was even the one who texted me first that day.

    • Well I guess you could text her a 'hey' or something like that. She might not respond. If you say she's your best friend maybe she will. Or maybe she just didn't wanna answer whatever you asked her and she's just kinda avoiding that

    • Ill just wait for Sunday. I wasn't even a question that should have been avoided. Oh well, Thanks for your input!

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