Why are guys so dumb?

so Im pregnant with my exes baby, he told me he is seeing someone awhile back, which hurt, cause I wanted to work things out. But recently I have been ignoring him and doing me, getting ready for the baby etc, so he started to get annoyed, so I have been just brief with him, then he text me all the personal stuff not regarding the baby, and I tried to be there thinking maybe he isn't with her, I mean they have no pics together on social media, but that doesn't mean anything i guess. He text me the most sweetest thing ever about how I was going to be the best mom anybody could ask for, etc, and it made me happy, but then I see him add this girls dad, and he really bummed me out, so why is he super personal with me, complimenting, etc, but still involved and progressing with this girl, why can't he just see what he is doing and how much sense it makes to try and work things out for our child, it wasn't a bad relationship, no abuse or anything. How do I remove my feelings for him before it affects my child when she gets here, and for me to stop hoping that he's coming around and taking everything as a sign?


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  • Surround yourself with good people that you know cafe about you and try to move on.


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