Long Distance: Who Should Initiate?

Our eyes locked when we met each other for the first time three weeks ago. We were set up by friends who suggested we both meet at a party one of our friend's would be throwing in order for us to become better acquainted. Although numbers weren't exchanged that night, I felt a connection and I know he felt it too. I got his number from a friend, grew a pair, and texted him saying that I loved meeting him and that it would be great to see him again. He texted a while later, stating he'd felt the same way and asked when I'd be back in town so that we could meet again. He also suggested meeting in my hometown, when he'd be due in a few weeks time to take care of other business. We both agreed that we'd talk soon in order to figure the details out.

A week passed without a word from him. Soooo, I texted again. I asked how his week was going so far, to which he responded fairly quickly. He asked if I had plans for the weekend and when I stated that I might be visiting soon, he suggested we take a walk on a beautiful trail near where he lives. I told him it was a great idea!

The problem, you might ask?

Although I love being pursued, I get that we live in an age where it's okay for the girl to make the first move. I get it, especially since this guy seems to be really shy. But how much is too much in the initiation process? If a guy really likes a girl, wouldn't they want to text her more often?


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  • he probably does want to make the first move but heis too scared he will say the wrong thing and fuck it up once he gets to know you better and gets more comfortable he will


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