What to do on First Date?

I'm wondering how I should act for a first date with a girl.
Where should I bring her?
How should I dress? Like just normal or dress up
Do I pay for the bill?
Should I kiss her at the end of the night?
And anything else you can add


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  • Bring her somewhere you know she'll love, maybe somewhere you love as well. Not the movies as it's awkward o sit in silence if you don't really know each other!
    I would dress up a little bit, maybe a smart shirt and black jeans?
    Definitely pay for the bill, even if she offers.
    Kiss her if it seems right (this is your decision) but if you're undecided, you could always go for a cheek kiss.
    Just smile, portray confidence and don't be afraid to be sweet and charming - it'll make you stand out and she'll love it! Compliment her but obviously not too much!
    Good luck!


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  • Bring her to one of your favorite restaurants. Dress accordingly. Be extra sweet and funny. Only kiss if it seems like she wants to.


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