My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a month ( tommarow ) what should I get her?

She's my little gamer nerd and she's adorable


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  • Eh... just wait for Christmas. Maybe just go somewhere tomorrow instead.

    • Yea I was thinking of that I'm thinking I might take her to this lovely little coffee shop and to the movies mabey

  • you're 13 so I assume you dont know this but 1 month of dating isn't a reason to buy a gift. Christmas on the other hand is, so I would save my gift for then :) what kind of games is she into? What platform does she game on?

    • The reson I wanted to give her something is because when I called her ( her parents wouldn't let her go out ) she said she couldn't wait to see me and give me a gift so I'm not sure what I should get her she loves skyrim and is a beta tester

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