I think she's too young for me?

My girlfriend is 13 and im 15.. turning 16

she's been wanting to go out with me for the longest time and i kept telling her no because of the age difference..

To be honest she's really immature.. she tried to kiss me and try something innapropriate on me but i wasn't having it, and she got mad.. she said

"Iturned down so many guys with six packs to date you"

I wanted to laugh but she was like dead ass serious so i told her to calm down

How do i end this without being rude because she's too young for me.. mentally..


Most Helpful Girl

  • You can tell her she should go for those guys with six packs, then. If she's this immature, she probably won't like being told you're ending the relationship, not matter how you phrase it. But you have every right to end it if that's what you want to do.

    • Yeah i just know she's young dont want to hurt her, and yeah i wanted to tell her that.
      Go date one of those guys with the six packs, but i didn't

    • I understand that you don't want to hurt her, and that's good of you. But your preferences are important too. You have every right to be honest with her.

    • thank you

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What Girls Said 1

  • Ouch just end it... I would just tell her sr8 up! I like someone else!

    • i dont really like anyone, before her i was in a relationship for a year and some time

      thats why i wouldn't date the girl im with now.. or are you saying i should lie

    • Just tell her the truth!

What Guys Said 2

  • Dude she is way to immature for you like seriously who the fuck says that. Us who are a bit older can't help but to just laugh at how immature she actually is. I think you should find someone more on your maturity level. Also yeah I think she's too you for younage wise. 2 years is nothing when you get older but it's a pretty big age gap when you're very young

    • Yeah the girl i broke up with before her 17 and its a biggggggg difference... i dont think im over her yet though, i thought being with this girl now would help but it didn't..

  • Yeah, she's got some growing up to do

    • Yeah, i couldn't take that serious..

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