What is going on with this guy? I'm really confused!

So this guy and I, he is 27 and I'm 20. We have been getting really close since last June. In August he asked me to be his GF, but I was really shy and in shock that he did so I said "I'd have to think about it" I wanted to say yes...But anyway, lately I have fallen in love with him and I've been praying he would ask me to be his Girlfriend again. I know its not really gonna happen because friends say a guy won't ask you out twice.. And I have to be the one to go to him and tell him! (BUT I AM TOO SHY TO!) hmm.. anyway...

At work, he seems like he really likes me. He is a cook and on the other side of the line.. The other day when I was getting myself a little side of carrots he reached out and touched my hand =) I don't know what that means. But he does really like me. We flirt a lot, and he takes the time to talk to me and hang out at work... We make out and kiss a lot. =]

After work, he used to text me(a few months ago) And we would just talk a little bit before going to bed... One time I got out after him and it was early morning (over night shift lol), 6am and he texted me and said he wanted to see me, so we got together after work for about an hour and just talked and hung out in a park in the area before I went home.

I have crazy parents (I'm 20 but I still live with them) They try to hide me from the world.There' s no reason for this. I have always been extremely responsible & respectable. But when it comes down to going out socially with friends, my parents treat me like a little kid. He used to want to go out and meet up with me on our day off was the same day.. I made 2 attempts to go out with him in a few months... And both were fails. My mom found out (because I tell her everything. Stupid me.) and basically chased him away.. (she put a note and taped it on my car door where he would see it and I wouldn't. I used to bring him to work on Thursdays.. and it said "do not make plans to go out with Brit tomorrow. Or EVER. Leave her alone.) So there went that...

That was the LAST time we made plans. =/ the next time we were talking about going out, He said he would text me early afternoon so we could meet up(I said it would not be a problem and I was positive of that.) But he never texted me. I was sad.. =( But that was a few months ago.

We haven't talked about going out since. He never even told me why he didn't text me that day.

And it is really rare that he does text me nowadays. Last time he texted me was 3 weeks ago. I texted him last night and it was really short.. like a 5 minute convo. =( Well there wasn't really much to talk about. But anyways, we used to text so much more and just talk about stuff. Now, I don't know what happened.

He didn't lose interest in me because I can just see it. His behavior at work towards me is just great. When I am leaving, we go to the back and talk and say goodnight and kiss. I don't know what's going on.

Anything on your mind? I really sincerely appreciate it! Thanks! :)


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  • Yeah. First, you'e parents are going to hate me for this, but you need to move out of your parents house. Why ARE you still living with you parents? I hope that you're trying to get your apartment. I assume that you're going to spend a little bit more time stuck in your parents house. If so, you absolutely need to set some boundaries with your parents. I understand that you have to live by their rules if you live in their house, but that's just absurd. You need to tell them! And start looking for another place to live. Your parents have no right to try to control your relationships with guys when you're twenty-freaking years old.

    One to the topic of import:

    I really, really think that the guy is being driven away by your parents. I had a girlfriend once who wasn't supposed to date... I didn't even know. Next thing I know, he's chasing me away from her house threatening to kick my butt. The point is, I would try to make up as many excuses as I could to try to avoid having to make contact with your parents. I don't mean to be difficult or anything, but I want to be brutally honest with you.


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