Tinder anyone need help?

I only just got out of a bad relationship so I thought I'd go on tinder just to see what its about but I'm confused on how it works. I joined yesterday and I've gotten 12 superlikes is that normal or its a robot or something? I've clicked on a few green hearts and got 5 matches but does the other person see when you've liked them? Has anyone got any nice stories or its just a hookup site?


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  • The superlikes are normal. Funny thing is I've almost never liked any of those back though.

    Anyway, Tinder is a tool - use it for whatever you want. I've gone on fun dates. Met interesting people. I got a 6 month relationship out of it with a great guy, and was very happy with it until distance drove us apart.

    Other people get hook-ups.

    The sheer volume of people on there makes it likely that there are other people looking for what you're looking for. You just have to wade through a bunch of people to hone in on the right ones. For example, if a guy on there is really hot and hasn't written much at all about himself - he's probably only there to hook up. Several shirtless pics and little info - hook up. Netflix and chill in bio - hook up. Stuff like that.


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