My girlfriend shouted and argued with her ex for him bringing their relationship up to me whilst out. Does she still have feelings for him?

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 months and we are very happy. The other week I was out and one of her exes (friends with benefit) and he was telling me how she always rang him when she was drunk. I've told her he said this and she has gone out and kicked off with him. Shouting and losing her temper with him for Him bringing it up with me. Does she still have feelings for him? She has assured me she doesn't but I have this creeping anxiety that she might.
Now she wants to to meet him to sort it out because she feels bad about the way she acted. I'm getting worried.


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  • No, she is most likely just pissed at him for being ignorant enough to bring up their past. Most women don't want their significant other talking to the woman's ex's on the simple fact that men can be conniving and manipulative when it comes to someone dating their ex. My ex used to get ahold of my at the time boyfriend and tell him shit about our sexual history to get my boyfriend pissed at me. Women do this too. People are just pathetic and will legit do anything to get ahead of everyone else.

  • No, but it is kinda out if line for him to bring her up to you. I understand how this could make her very uncomfortable


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