Would this annoy you?

Met a man on tinder. We've been going back and forth having conversations via text over the past week and we're meeting face to face in a few days. Our most recent conversation went like this:

Him: What are you up to this weekend?

Me: I'm going to a friend's birthday bash on Friday night. I've been saving my energy for that all week!

Him: Nice. Post the pictures on Instagram and I'll look. Follow me at __________ and I'll follow you back.

This made me roll my eyes. One of my pet peeves is when guys force their social media accounts on me. He's a little older too at 41, so I was a bit turned off. I haven't responded yet and after a while he sent "?"

Lol. I know it's a bit silly, but how would you guys handle this?


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  • I'd just say I don't do Instagram. I agree that he's way too old to be playing around on there.


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