I'm getting worried?

my boyfriend and I see each other a couple times a week and we both seem to really enjoy our time together. we are both pretty busy but only live like 10-15 mins from each other.

I'm normally the one to say "hey lets do something". it makes me feel bad. so last night he was free and I wanted to see if he'd ask to hang out. instead he brought a sick friend a card and went home to just watch movies and hang out with his dad. He called me last night and we talked and he was saying "well if you had asked to hang out we could've" and I told him he should want to hang out it shouldn't just be me asking and he agreed. He has always been someone who enjoys personal time, but still. I was like "i don't understand why you're dating someone you never want to see " and he goes "i never said that"

we've been dating 8 months, but now I'm wondering if he's just not into me or if I'm over reacting


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  • Has the relationship always been with you in 'control'?

    If so, I can't see the (immediate) problem.

    If this is a recent development, then you might be heading for a rough patch. You need to make it known you like it when he takes control.


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  • Some guys are just like that its weird. They can be crazy for you, and love every min you spend together but if your the one always doing the asking they just rely on the fact that when your up to do something you will tell him. I'm sure that now you have had this talk with him about you feeling that way that he will change a taking more responsibility of the asking out to do stuff. If he still doesn't change then maybe your right maybe he isn't that into you. Also a lot of guys are so spur of the moment they just go with the flow if something they find interest them without having to look very hard they will do that and not bother looking for something else to do. This time let him off easy don't hold it against him but if it is recurring and he knows how you feel maybe its time for things to change.

    • It just upsets me that he'd date me for 8 months if he isn't thta into me

    • Ya I dated a guy that was like that and he is genuine for sure, but we got into a habit of me always asking him out after about the first month or 2 of us dating. He still cared a ton about me and wanted to keep seeing me but because I never brought it up as an issue he never new that it botherd me that he never made an effort to set things up. Communication is all ways key in a relationship . I'm sure that if you tell him how you feel sit down and talk to him seriously, he will change.

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