What can you do if you are only attracted to people way out of your league?

Objectively speaking, physically I'm a 6, maybe a 6.5 on a good day, but I'm only attracted to girls who are physically an 8 or higher.

I know that personal views on what is attractive will distort an objective view on a woman's attractiveness, but I definetly know that I've only really been interested in women more attractive than I am.

I'm definetly not saying that I only care about looks, because in my life I have only ever had a crush on maybe 5 women, but (like most poeple I'm assuming) I don't consider a girl as a dating option unless I'm attracted to her. But the problem is that I'm not attracted to her unless she is, in my eyes, very attractive.

Really, I guess what I'm asking is if this is normal (ish), and if there is something wrong with (As himym put it) being the "reacher"? Because I do feel bad that I rule out most people based on looks, but I don't think I can change it because I'm not ending up with someone I'm not ttracted to.


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  • Just don't complain when you're ruled out because you're only a 6


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